Gets a Facelift!

If you had ever visited the old, you may remember that it was getting a bit … rusty (literally). I originally created the site back in 2009 after getting laid off from EA. It wasn’t a fun time in my life. The software industry was struggling and my situation was bad: I wasn’t the fresh out of school guy that would be happy with any job, but I also wasn’t the experienced developer that could take on any and all jobs.

I decided to see if I can get my own business going, but it’s hard to get a business going when you don’t have investment money.  I also started tutoring. I thought it would be a great way to stay in touch with the languages no matter how pathetic the job market was. I registered the domain ( and added a sub-domain ( and put a few ads on Craigslist. Then I sat and watched as the money rolled in (lol , not really). It was nothing you could run your life on, but it kept me busy (and sane). A while later, I made another sub-domain. If you guessed android, you guessed right!

The plan was to write a few tutorials and best practices, but at this point I had a job and by the time I got home I didn’t really feel like working. I ended up writing a few non-dev posts on it and eventually forgot about it.

Let’s see where this one takes us! (me?)