I enjoy coding and creating so when I have spare time, I’m often working on apps or ideas. Some of these ideas actually make it to the Play store and others won’t. The apps below are the ones that made it.

Footy Timer

For the past 8 years, my friends and I have been renting a gym to hold a small game of indoor soccer. Over the years we’ve come up with rules to make our game safe & fun. I wrote this app so that we could have a timer that did a bit more than just keep time. There is nothing, though, that would keep you from using this app as a plain timer. Click the heading to read more.
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Back in my HTC One (M7) days I could never get the device to properly provide a tethered connection. After ensuring that my carrier has all the correct settings and that I should be able to tether, I started googling for a solution and came across a  bug report and the discussion around the issue contained the fix. The suggested fix was a few commands to get iptables to route the packets properly.
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Eveything Else

To get the most up to date list of my apps, find me on the Google Play Store:
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